Mixing Fimo

Blending table for FImo Classic

It's up to you to choose the colours!
FIMO classic range gives you the choice of a vast palette of intermediate hues.

There are 24 standard colours which blend into 100 different shades as shown in our blending table you can download here.
Just choose your favourite!
Download PDF Fimo Soft Blending Table. Click here.


Blending table for FImo Soft

Use the blending table to help create the colour you require.
E.g. by blending 3 parts yellow (-10) with 5 parts pink (-22) you get a warm red colour.
It's just as easy to make colours lighter or darker - all you have to do is to add black (-9) or white (-0).
FIMO soft standard blocks are segmented into 8 portions, making it very easy to blend the colours.
Download PDF Fimo Soft Blending Table. Click here.

Please note that colours may vary due to printing process