Fimo Push Mould Alps Style

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Push Moulds for Fimo, Sculpey, Das Polymer Clays or Cake Decorating Very Flexible, Detailed and Easy demoulding, Hard wearing material, Long lifespan, Easily demouldableIdeal for creating and decoring of Greeting and Invitation Cards, Scrapp Books, Table Decorations (Table and Menu Cards, smaller decorating parts), Jewellery, Home Deco. Quickly and easily make detailed jewellery, gifts, cake embellishments and fun items. The moulds work with Sculpey polymer clays, Fimo, Das, plasticine, earthen clay, paper clay, plaster of paris, craft soap and candle wax. Decorate picture frames, bird houses, photo albums, scrap books, flower pots, 3d greetings, home ornaments. Make jewellery, personalised pins, earrings, button covers. Create mobiles, plant and garden sticks, magnets, push pins, party decorations, dolls, art, fairy

Blistercard containing "Alps style", 10 different motifs, motif size approx. 3 x 3 cm