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Fimo Effect Stone Clay 803 Granite

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Size 55 x 55 x 15m, segmented into 8 portions. Use these special polymer clays to create unique and exciting Fimo projects. Choose from Glitter, Stone, Metallic, Nightglow, and Transparent effects. These clays can be used by themselves or intermixed with other Fimo clays. Fimo bakes to a hardened state in a kitchen oven, and can be carved, filed, cut, and painted once baked. Colors are fade-proof, odorless, and washable. Fimo Stone Effect create extraordinary stone optics with these clays containing reflective elements and mixed pigments. Use stone effect clays alone or mixed with other Fimo clays. Choose from Granite or Marble. FIMO has to be kneaded to make it pliable and elastic, special effect can be achieved by kneading together various colours, once the desired shade is achieved, any home oven is suitable for hardening FIMO. Preheat the oven at maximum 110°C/230° F. Ideal to create jewels, decoration objects, figurines.